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  • chris

    This brings up a serious question….why don’t we have videos like this for every papabile? I mean who couldn’t see a Lil’ John remix where instead of O——KAY, he says Oullet?

    • http://backoftheworld.com Ryan M.

      Perhaps a “Harlem Shake” for Dolan? Maybe a stirring rendition of “Call Me Maybe” done for the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston, done as “Call O’Malley”?

  • Faith

    Oh my. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Someone with very bad taste but good intentions made this. I actually have been reading a little about Cardinal Tagle and I am kind of rooting for him too.

  • http://www.pilgrimage.subcreators.com Lori Pieper

    If you would like a palate cleanser, as it were, take a look at this fabulous video, which has Cardinal Tagle preaching and being interviewed at length by Fr. Rosica of Salt and Light TV. This guy has a real luminous presence.


  • Tominellay

    …he’s 55 years old, so this video may have a long shelf life…three or four conclaves…

    • http://thecrawfordfamily.net/blog Ken Crawford

      That is both hysterical and terrifying to think about.

  • Faith

    Thank you, Lori Pieper! That was wonderful!

  • Mike Harrison

    Cdl. Tagle is far, far, far too young.

  • Sean Anderson

    He is not going to be the Pope. People in the Philippines may not know that YMCA by Village People is a gay song all over the planet! What a music for a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church!


    Ps: I’m betting on Cardinal Scherer, from Brazil.

  • trespinos

    It should be noted that the Phil.-Am. communities in my own diocese–and I believe elsewhere on the West Coast–are especially active in music ministry. It seems as if they believe that it is a particular contribution they want to make to the Church of our time, and I salute them, even if guys like this cross the line into camp and kitsch occasionally.
    Cdl. Tagle is too young; Cdl. Erdo was once, but now is seasoned just right, but they’ll probably have to get to the eighth ballot.