Many People Have Said, “Someday I’m Gonna Make Zippy Pay!”

Now’s your chance! Everybody’s favorite combox warrior is offering to pay two-dollars-for-your-one-dollar in support of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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"Ordinary", Timothy Quigley's web series about life in a small parish
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  • Zippy

    Two for one, actually. But thanks for the linkage, Mark.

  • Anne

    If I talk about my contributions to the Little Sisters, will that be blowing my own trumpet? Or is it OK, as long as you don’t know who I am?

    Anyway, I send them one hundred dollars every month. Zippy can match as much or as little of that as he likes.

  • CJ

    I won’t sign up unless Zippy matches 3-1 because I intend to make him pay *dearly*! ::shakes fist