Melchizedek and the Priesthood…

…are under discussion over at the Register.

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  • Claude

    So I take it you have still not read Why Priests?.

  • midwestlady

    I just had the weirdest realization, talking to people on the internet today. You know how we are constantly told that “the liturgy is the source and summit of the Catholic faith.” Mark, did you realize that this is being taken in a reductive sense by some people, and this is the reason a) everyone is SO focused on the Liturgy even though we have a new pope 24 hours a day, and b) this could be the reason why people won’t show up for anything else, and c) it could even offer an explanation why people can make so much noise that sounds Catholic in and around Church, and then vote the way they do. Some people–a lot of people, it turns out–are fully prepared to say that the Liturgy EQUALS the Faith, in the exclusive sense. This is why if they don’t get their way liturgically, all bets are off. And this goes for the far left as well as the far right–both extremes. I’m astonished.

    • midwestlady

      I mean maybe it sounds dumb that I didn’t *get* that til now. [I'm a convert, although I've been Catholic about 25 years.] But I’ve never seen it in such bold contrast before. Wow. Do we ever need a good solid evangelization. Wow. Just wow.

  • Beccolina

    Melchizedek, “appears from nowhere and vanishes without a trace.” Obviously, he was a NINJA priest king. This has been totally overlook in scripture.