Sherry Weddell is Very Grateful for What God is Doing

She writes:

The most wonderful thing that has happened in the 10 days of Pope Francis’ pontificate as far as I’m concerned?

The sudden dislocation of the “Traditionalist”/”Neo-Catholic”/”progressive” ecclesial wars because the Holy Father’s words and gestures has shattered the categories with which American Catholic insiders have been consumed for decades.

For which I give thanks to God on my knees.

Me too.

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  • Rae Stabosz

    Amen , a hundred times over. I am not going to insult the Holy Spirit by continuing to express amazement over Pope Francis– didn’t we trust that our prayers and tears would be answered? But yes, amen. Pope Francis is a reproach to all of us when we think what cool servants of the Lord we are. Let’s get down on our knees and pray for holiness. The right stuff. The real stuff. And thank God for raising up another shepherd/vicar just right for our wicked, back-biting times .

  • Kirt Higdon

    I certainly don’t think I’m a cool servant of the Lord or a cool anything, and I definitely don’t feel reproached by the selection of Pope Francis. If God had wanted to reproach me with a Papal selection he would have inspired the conclave to vote for Cardinal Mahoney. I prayed for the right man to be selected and as usual, I undeservedly got so much more than what I prayed for. If this is a reproach, may the Lord keep them coming.

  • antigon

    Can’t be true since it’s too good to be were it, and yet…

  • antigon

    PS: You know, though the categorical may be hostile for the observation, it occurs to me that were His Holiness to say a public Mass in the Extraordinary form – something perhaps clericalism prevented even Benedict from doing while Pontiff – we’d find still more categories orphaned, and brutally.

  • Mark R

    I am grateful too and I hope he inspires other leaders by his example.