So, remember way back last week when Pope Francis was a collaborator with the junta?

There’s a hilarious scene in the life of St. Athanasius when his enemies trump up a murder charge against him. He’s put on trial and, at a dramatic moment, calls forth his one witness to testify on his behalf. The witness comes forward, throws back his cowl–and it turns out to be the alleged victim of the murder. Wah wah wah waaaaaaaah. Epic fail for the prosecution.

I’m reminded of that because last week, within, like, an hour of Francis’ election there were trolls in my combox who had instantly moved from “Jorge who?” to “I am an an expert on Bergoglio and I denounce his cooperation with the Argentine military junta!  He betrayed priests to the regime!!!  I AM OUTRAGED…. OUUUUUTRAAAAAAAAAGED!!!!! (See this Wikipedia link.  It proves all.  Let me reiterate both my expertise and extremely righteous moral dudgeon that isn’t grasping for any excuse to condemn him or anything.  And may I repeat: I AM OUTRAGED…. OUUUUUTRAAAAAAAAAGED!!!!!”

Yeah.  About that entirely charitable episode from anonymous combox cowards.  Here’s the thing: John Allen looked into that eight years ago and asked Amnesty International what was what.  AI replied, “No there there.”  That should have put the boots on it right there.  But now, in a turn of events that would make Athanasius clap and giggle….

Pope Francis did not denounce me to Argentinian junta, says priest…

What do you think the odds are that the combox accusers will come forward and apologize?

Yeah, me neither.  But let’s hope they at least reconsider their eagerness to condemn him.

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  • Brian Niemeier

    Yet despite the Holy Father’s full exoneration, the MSM can’t resist making the old, “He wasn’t outspoken enough” accusation at the end of the piece.

  • Charles E Flynn
  • Michael

    Mark, did you have any posts a few weeks back on one of the “news” stories in Ireland (I think) regarding abuse in the Church? The one in thinking of contained the admission that the original author of some report or article had lied about abuse at the hands of priests and/or nuns, “but it was OK because if you lie to discredit the Church you’re doing A Good Thing.” Seems to be the MSM’s basic job these days.

    • Tim Jones

      You’re referring to the Magdalene Sisters, one of the blackest tales of the perversity and abuse within the Catholic Church.

      The film based on the horrific story has been hailed as a triumphant work of Anti-Theism and had large numbers of Catholics grovelling in abject apology and sorrowing that such an evil could enter their Church… .. except, turns out it never happened. Atheist Brendan O’Neill gives the post mortem on the hateful lie. Many in Ireland apparently don’t know how to process this information, so they go into “Yes, BUT…” mode. “There were still abuses of other kinds committed by Catholics somewhere in Ireland, so… this smear against the Church is excusable… besides, BIRTH CONTROL… and PEDOPHILES!”

  • Kirt Higdon

    The publisher Verbitsky who initiated these charges against Pope Francis is a left Peronist former terrorist and a close ally of left Peronist Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. He is a former Montanero (left Peronist terrorist) who participated in shootings and bombings. So he has both a past and present agenda against the Holy Father. Father Bergoglio condemned the terrorism of the Montaneros and their allies and in more recent times has severely criticized the Argentine President for her approval of gay marriage and distributing condoms to school kids.
    The horrible, almost unimaginable cruelties inflicted on the Montaneros and their supporters by the Argentine military junta (and later inflicted on any deemed “dissident” or “subversive”) do not justify the leftist terrorism which provoked the military coup to begin with. Bergoglio (not even a bishop at that time) risked his life to confront junta leader Videla and persuade him to release the imprisoned priests. Father Bergoglio also hid wanted dissidents from the military and helped them escape the country. He saved lives and to some extent persuaded sinners to refrain from sinning. I heard he met with President Fernandez de Kirchner, who came to Rome for his installation. I hope he can persuade her to change her policies, which in the long run may be more anti-life and damaging to Argentina than the regime of the military.

    • Brian

      President Kirchner gave Pope Francis a traditional Argentine tea cup and stirrer.

      Pope Francis gave her a compendium of Catholic social teaching.

      Francis is ahead 1-0.

  • vox borealis

    And yet, we *know* this accusation will never go away. Just as with “Pope Benedict, who was a member of the Hitler Youth,” the epithet (hmm, what will it be…maybe “Pope Francis, whose role in the Dirty War has been questioned”) will be repeated forever.

    Oh, and what Brian Niemeier said. Ed Peters posted this very same idea ( when all else fails, accuse the church leader of Not Speaking Out. And when it proves that the leader did Speak Out, there is always the fall back accusation of Not Speaking Out Enough.

  • Dustin

    The CW, however untrue, never dies once it’s firmly established. How many times have we heard of Benedict’s “Prada slippers?” Though repeatedly debunked, it yet persists. Opinions form rapidly, and, let’s face it, most people are terrified of admitting they were wrong, even about something as silly as the pope’s shoes.

  • Erik H

    It’s been 70 years since WWII and they (MSM) are still going on about Pope Pius not doing enough for the Jews against the Nazis! Does anyone really expect things to get Better, not worse?

  • TheRealAaron

    Suuuure, the priest says that now. But I think we all know it’s because a team of Opus Dei Jesuit SSPX Freemason albino assassin monks showed up at his house late one night and gave him an offertory he couldn’t refuse.

  • Kirt Higdon

    According to the British publication The Economist, the Argentine president and her supporters are now doing an about-face and being at least superficially nice to Pope Francis. There may be room for an openning here. Whatever the faults of the Peronists (and they have plenty), at least they show a rhetorical sympathy for the poor. Now if only Pope Francis can convince them that this should be implemented with genuine Christian justice and charity and not by showering the poor with condoms.