Today’s Reminder that Israel is Just a Secular Nation State

and not the uber-sacrosanct unquestionalable Chosen by God Nation State that is immaculately conceived and preserved from all sin both original and actual that exists in the fever dreams far too many Americans.

Hebrew edition of Playboy debuts.

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  • MikeTheGeek

    Although I agree w/ your premise that the modern nation state of Israel is not necessarily (or even likely) the end-times Israel of scripture, the publishing of Playboy doesn’t make the point. The original Israel, rather by definition the Chosen of the day, weren’t exactly models of purity either. Their nation had the same misfortune as the current one (and ours, for that matter) in that it was made up of humans.

    • Rosemarie


      I also agree with that premise and do not consider Israel above criticism. But I wonder whether the Evangelical view of Israel’s special chosen-of God status and alleged role in end times prophecy necessitates that it be a perfectly holy nation. IIRC from my Evangelical days, we were told that the nation of Israel would at first fall for the Antichrist’s deception. They would sign a peace treaty with him and he in turn would make it possible for them to rebuild the ancient temple. They wouldn’t see him for what he really is until he marches into that temple on its day of dedication and declares himself a god. At some point after the Beast screws them over, the Israelis finally come to recognize Jesus as the true Messiah. So if (according to Evangelical eschatology), Israel can at first mistake the Antichrist for a good guy, why couldn’t the country also have sinful stuff like prôn0graphy?

  • Mark Hartman

    Agreed; but it is also the closest thing to a Western democracy that exists in the Middle East, and as such it’s much easier to relate to, discuss with, and have an alliance on mutually-understood terms with. But we should remember that Israel’s first priorities will involve the security of Israel, not the security of the USA, and we should have the same priorities here at home.

    • Dan C

      Does everyone within the borders of the State of Israel have voting rights?

      • John H.

        Dan C. No, not everyone within the Nation of Israel has voting rights.. Only those who pledge to recognize the state of Israel as such have voting rights. Other people are non-voting permanent residents (mostly Arab Muslims and Christians).

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Hmmm. . . does that mean we can stop funneling American tax dollars to Pakistan, Egypt and the Palestinians?

    Naaaaah. . . those guys really are “Uber sacrosanct”! :)

    • Mark Shea

      Absolutely we should stop giving them money. We are broke.

  • Kirt Higdon

    Israel has numerous religious and secular elements and factions. The former have been gradually increasing in influence due to a high birth rate and more dedication, but the recent elections gave evidence of a secular backlash which may be gaining strength. Neither a secular nor a religious Israel has any claim on US military aid or support, nor do Pakistan, Egypt, the Palestinians, the Syrian rebels, etc. etc.

  • John C

    Wow! Playboy has been a tired old rag since the seventies. This guy Pomerantz is really cutting edge!