What Slippery Slope?

1965: Contraception will never lead to acceptance of abortion.

1973: Abortion will never lead to acceptance of euthanasia

Today: Euthanasia will never lead to the murder of expensive care patients without their consent.

1960s: No fault divorce will never lead to “marriage” becoming a meaningless word.

1990s: Gay ‘marriage’ will never lead to the acceptance of all manner of other deviant sexuality as good.

2013: Yale hosting workshops on the glories of bestiality and incest will never lead to the culture that condemned the Church for tolerating pedophiles condemning the Church for not tolerating pedophiles.

The definition of “the good” as consisting simply and solely of “consent” will never result in a culture eventually asking “What’s so sacrosanct about consent?” and result in a return to the raw pagan ethos “The strong do as they like and the weak suffer what they must.”

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  • http://backoftheworld.com Ryan M.

    Kyrie, eleison.

  • http://www.2catholicmen.blogspot.com Ben @ 2CM

    I was once told that slippery slope arguments are automatically invalid. I responded that if my kids are allowed to play with matches there will be a fire, and then property damage, and then injury, and then death, but this would be another automatically invalid slippery slope argument.

    Every problem has a cause & an effect. We can frame the problem we have as “Sexual Sin” with the cause being “Sexual Confusion”. The effects are many, from STD’s, to unwanted pregnancies, to people/governments thinking marriage has no intrinsic connection to procreation. We can take adaptive action to limit the effects, but never lose sight of corrective action to eliminate the cause.

    • Beccolina

      So, looking ahead and seeing the logical consequences of something isn’t a valid argument? Boy, am I in trouble.

    • http://coalitionforclarity.blogspot.com/ Robert King

      A slippery slope argument is valid as long as it argues that all obstacles to the undesired results have been removed. That is, there’s nothing to stop the current situation from becoming the future situation.

      A slippery slope argument is invalid if it argues that the undesired result will necessarily follow. That is, the future situation is unavoidable.

      So a future in which pedophilia and incest and bestiality and the utter destruction of marriage is a real possibility, legally and culturally, but it is not a necessary consequence. It is at least theoretically possible that we could change course as a culture and return to sanity.

      Practically, I fear it would require a massive disaster or a miraculous intervention. Or both. And a worldwide flood has already been ruled out.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I was once told that slippery slope arguments are automatically invalid.

      This is sometime known as the “Fallacy fallacy.” In other words, because an argument is based in a fallacious argument (in formal logic), it therefore must be invalid. This is not true.

      But Slippery Slope is a logical fallacy in formal argumentation, if that’s all you have. Fortunately, there are plenty of other arguments from natural law and other sources for formal argumentation. A slippery slope is usually just common sense rather than an argument.

      • http://soulsagabooks.blogspot.com/ Brian Niemeier

        Well said, sir! People often confuse validity with soundness.