Why ‘Unpatriotic Conservatives’ Could Not Be Written Today

is the question raised by the eminently sane Daniel McCarthy.

Oooh! Oooh!  Me! Me!  I know!

Because the conservatives who objected to the Iraq war were right and completely vindicated by the catastrophe that followed? Because the bullying chickenhawk neocons who tried to excommunicate them were so disastrously wrong that even David Frum, the little hack who wrote the bull of excommunication, has fled their company and is trying to figure out a way to fasten on to some other political trend that is not the twitching corpse he left for dead?  Because the neocons shared the utopian ideologue’s deathless will to believe that they could defy the God of the Copybook Headings and discovered, just like the commies, that God is not mocked and reality has a way of resisting utopian ideologies enforced by slaughter and unjust war?

What do I win, Mr. McCarthy?

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