Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

for a young woman who is running a marathon to fund her bid to become a nun. She has to pay off $53,000 in student loans.

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  • James Isabella

    Its a great story…I hope your readers go to the link to read it.

    I worked in youth ministry for 10 years, and I am constantly surprised at how little priority priests and bishops place on exposing teenagers and young adults to religious life…even those young people who are students in Catholic schools. How are young people expected to discern their vocation, if they have no idea what a vocation to religious life is?

    In fact, no student (from either Catholic or Public schools) I ever worked with had any previous exposure to the Liturgy of the Hours….and if I hadn’t made it a priority in my youth group, none of them ever would have had exposure to it….and I worked in an otherwise ostensibly “conservative” diocese.

    I’m firmly of the opinion that our “vocation crisis” is mostly self-inflicted.