A good takedown of the filthy and obscene lies

of the pro-abortion media as it pulls out all the stops to Just Not See or Report on Gosnell.

In a just world, the editors, reporters and producers of our State-Run Media would be subjected to a Nuremburg trial just like Julius Streicher, the editor of Der Sturmer. This is not an accidental oversight. This is a culture of culpable denial in which the liars know they are lying and lie to themselves to excuse it.

God sees.

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  • Carbon Monoxide

    I must have “won” the Facebook war with my posts on Gosnell. Either that, or my pro-abortion friends have all defriended me. They have gone curiously silent on this.

  • JohnK

    This is exactly why the MSM refuses to report on this story. They do not want people thinking like this!

  • Mike

    Move along folks nothing to see here!