Catholic Stand…

has a new post up on the impotence of current Catholic engagement with politics and some noodlings about a new approach.

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  • Bob LeBlanc

    I couldn’t possibly take advice from a Democrat…

    * wink *

    Good stuff. :)

  • Brian

    One particular effect of the Gosnell scandal being overlooked is the lack of oversight that allowed his clinic to model an inner circle of Hell without oversight.

    Who was responsible for that? Tom Ridge, “moderate Republican”, finalist for Vice President under W, first Secretary of Homeland Security and apparently the model for a “more caring and moderate” (i.e., quiet on abortion) Republican party. And that’s the Republican party that our betters think is the only one that can win national elections.

    If that is true, count me out. “A pox on both your houses.”

  • Ed Skrivanek

    I think it’s time for Catholics to start a pro-family type political party. Being pro-family would mean it was pro-life of course! I have lost confidence in both of our two major parties. It seems we are always having to choose between the lesser of two evils.

  • Francis

    third party- I’m not sure if they have much chance of success- if you read ralph nadar’s book CRashing the Party, you see what even someone with liberal credentials was subjected to by the two party systemic abuse. I think if we just get busy cultivating young candidates and use our parishes and schools as organizing resources- like in the abolitionist and civil rights movements- we could work on issue fronts and plug candidates into the two parties who are reformers, Catholic mavericks- pro-life Trad marriage Dems and common good Repubs open to a more Catholic view of political community responsibilities along the lines found in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine chapters 7,8,9. I think we can more working our way up through the ranks of the prevailing parties- the parishes could serve the Catholic conferences and serve as a back door in the electoral process which is currently shut down by the party hacks, and the lobbies protecting their access to the current established leadership- as in the case of pro-life orgs being hostile to pro-life Dems and too easy on lukewarm pro-life Repubs. We need to open a back door or a window- some fresh air has to start getting circulating because I don’t see the Church “interests” doing anything but losing across the board.