Civil Divorce as Protest

A reader writes:

I am curious about the idea of protesting the United States’ possible attempt to redefine of marriage by divorcing. Not *really* divorcing, mind you, but simply going through the state procedures necessary to nullify that state’s marriage certificate. This would in no way include separating, or married couples ceasing to be husband and wife (such is impossible, after all). It would be nothing more than a protest against the principle of secular states exercising jurisdiction over Christian marriages. This isn’t something my wife and I are planning, but the idea is intriguing. What say you?

I don’t see why not.  The function of the state is *supposed* to be to protect the family. When the state becomes the enemy of the family then I see no particular reason to submit to it.  What matters, for a Catholic, is the sacrament of marriage, not filling out paperwork for the state.  It may well be the duty of Catholics to work to subverty the state soon. We’ll see.

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