Enjoy Your Kool Aid!

A reader writes in all seriousness:

There are several Catholic churches; one of which I attended near our school in Jinan. Freedom of religion is respected in China though regulated because you can’t proselytize. That’s refreshing given the spectre of Terry Jones, Sharia law, and other religious bigotry. China lost 30 million people in the Taiping Rebellion led by a man who thought he was the brother of Jesus at the same time the US was settling the issue of slavery in our own Civil War. I guess the Gov’t of China has enough sense to regulate religious bigotry as a sad anachronism of human history. It’s not Communism, just progressive sense.

And yet, for some reason, Catholics fear Progressivism. Baffling. Terry Jones vs. 80 million dead in the Cultural Revolution. That’s a serious gnat/camel inversion ratio right there.

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  • JB

    He’s referring to a cathedral near Shandong University, which is probably his “school”. The cathedral was built by German Catholics around 100 years ago. Today it’s controlled by the Communist Party, in other words it’s not permitted to be in union with the Vatican. During the Cultural Revolution the Red Guards vandalised it.

    Shandong university is one of the most backward ones in China, hard core Communists. This little creep is just one of their lying propagandists, lie number one being that that cathedral is actually part of the Roman Catholic Church, which remains totally outlawed in Communist China.

  • Rosemarie


    Evangelization is part and parcel of the Christian Faith. Christ Himself commanded His followers to go make disciples of all nations. If Christian evangelism is outlawed in a particular country, I wouldn’t call that “freedom of religion.” If we’re not free to spread the Gospel then we’re not free to practice our religion.

  • Brian

    I’m confused. I’m sure it’s a common name, but…is he afraid of the spectre of one of the Pythons? What’s he going to do, incite a wave of racial violence by buying a second shed?

    • The True Will

      He means the minister who was brandished as a Fundamentalist Threat for his Koran-burning stunt.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    Wait, he’s referring to the Taiping Rebellion as an enemy of the progressives? It was a movement with no property rights, which was praised by Mao Zedong for being a people’s uprising and enjoys a portion of the monument in Tienanmen Square.

  • http://www.usmc.mil S. Murphy

    “Christians aren’t being persecuted in China, and besides, you deserve it, you stoopid religionists.”

  • The True Will

    We share, you preach, They proselytize.

  • MarylandBill

    Freedom of religion is respected in China — you are free to belong to one of the State approved religions with the state approved, likely state appointed leaders. State approved “Catholic Churches” are probably Catholic in the same sense that they would have been in Henry VIII’s England. Many priests may not like being subject to the state as opposed to the Pope, but they swallow their pride so they can serve the people (or because they fear persecution).

  • SouthCoast

    Just three little words, dude, “Great Leap Forward”.

  • KML

    And in North Korea, you are also free to believe whatever you’d like. In a prison camp. With your family who will be there for three generations, eating cabbage soup when they get it and working themselves to death. But, you know, you can believe it in your heart. Some of the time and unless they catch you. Freedom!

    In all seriousness, I just finished “Escape from Camp 14,” the account of the only known person born and raised on a N. Korea labor camp to escape. Horrifying.

  • Joe

    Yes, we all fear Terry Jones and the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody ever expects them!

  • The True Will

    Yep, freedom of religion means being totally free within the four walls of your building, as long as you do not, er, TALK to anyone about it.
    I guess “free speech” similarly means being able to shout anything you want within soundproof walls.