It’s easy to tell what a culture’s real priorities are…

…by where it demands massive amounts of nuance for obvious and elementary moral points.

So, for instance, there’s been a massive amount of nuancing from the press in order to consider the enormous moral complexities that lie behind their combination of abject cowardice and Team Spirit in refusing to cover the monstrous crimes of Kermit Gosnell.  There was no such reluctance in the case of Trayvon Martin, or the Olympic bomber or the occasional sensational false rape charge.  But here, nuance rules.

Likewise, when Dawn Eden and Simcha Fisher made the no-brainer observation that Holocaust Denial is Bad, only one subculture in the Church got all chin-pully about it and spent hundred of combox comments trying to plumb the moral complexities of apologetics for mass murder and how it never happened and besides they deserved it etc.

And, similarly, only one subculture in the US spent years and years and years making excuses for and denying the fact that the US, under Bush/Cheney, instituted a regime of torture and that Movement “conservatives” simultaneously denied and bragged about it–and have never yet repudiated it or admitted it.

Of course, all that is currently in eclipse as the Bourbon GOP wanders in the wilderness remembering everything and learning nothing. When they get back in power the odds are very good that their love of torture will come back with them.

But at present it is our God King who is getting all the nuance love as the Progressives also indulge in what Glenn Greenwald rightly calls repulsive progressive hypocrisy.  When Bush shredded the Constitution and committed war crimes, it was all super-clear.  But now that The One is murdering people and keeping them in a gulag in Guantanamo with no rights and no charges, it’s all so super complicated, isn’t it, Obama voter?  Power is more important than all that stuff you faked dudgeon about, innit?

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