Okey Doke! Disqus Appears to be Up and Running

I’ll be learning about it and working the kinks out over the next couple days.  I will be commenting as “chezami”.  (Get it?  “Shea’s-a-Me?  Home of Friends?  Get it?  Ah me, I am *so* clever.)

They will be importing comments made recently in the old system soon so that conversations will continue.  Please bear with the hassle and direct all complaints to Patheos.  All compliments and praise, as well as monetary gifts, scholarship monies and proposals of marriage to our two unmarried sons can be directed to me for disbursement.

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  • Tom

    Oh noooo, not disqus

  • Maggie Goff

    I like Disqus!

  • Spastic Hedgehog

    Alright, I’m going to test this…

    • Spastic Hedgehog

      I got it to work. I’m also ashamed to admit that I did not get the “chez ami” thing until you explained it. What do you expect? Hedgehogs are notoriously bad at puns.

  • Subsidiarity

    Can I just sign in as before with any old name? Let me see,,,,,

  • http://www.subcreators.com/blog Lori Pieper

    How will this work, I wonder?

    • http://www.subcreators.com/blog Lori Pieper

      pretty good1