Scientists Hope to Harness Lucy Energy to Power a Small City

Photo: For the uninitiated, this is basically what it's like to parent a three year old.
This is pretty much what having a three year old is like all the time.

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"I'm faster than a fish!"
  • Ellen

    My granddaughter (also a Lucy) and her brother together exude enough energy to power the planet.

  • Julie

    Is she 3 now? Wow the time flies. I see why you call her the Cuteness. My son who is approaching 12 is having a burst of energy. As opposed to my older son who talks slow and can’t muster the energy to pick up his socks.

  • Dan F.

    my 3 yo and 2yo look like this in almost every family picture we try. Usually takes about 10-15 tries before we get one with them sitting still. The 9mo is now starting to look like that too so we don’t even have a family Christmas picture this year.

    I love it so much.

  • CJ

    Lucy vs. the Flash, who wins?

  • Beccolina

    That’s my 2-yr old AND my 6 yr old. My 4 yr old only slows down to play with trains. If we could harness kid energy, there would never be blackouts.

    • rachel

      Monster’s Inc already tried that. They felt that it works better if they laugh vs. if they are screaming in terror.

      • Beccolina

        But the laugh/scream thing misses the energy put into building blanket forts, stomping in the mud, painting on the windows with mud, sliding down the stairs on your bottom, designing your own play kitchen out of boxes (them making it), pushing your baby sister around in her play shopping cart while giggling uncontrollably.

  • Barbara

    Sigh, three year olds, energetic and defiant as two year olds except with more words. I think my little girl is moonlighting as The Honest Toddler. She seems to spend an awful lot of time looking for my iPad.