The Fundamental Human Impulse…

that gave rise to the cult of the saints is beautifully articulated in this piece about Fr. Emil Kapaun, a very great man:

“He’s in my prayers every night,” Dowe says. “I ask him to help me rather than asking God to help him.”

God rest his soul and raise him to the altar soon through Christ our Lord.


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  • MaryMargaret

    From your lips to God’s ear, Mark. Here is a lengthy, eight-part series about Father Kapaun for anyone wanting to read more. Scan down the left side to find the series. I highly recommend it.

  • Tom R

    Didn’t Karl Barth say that Roman Catholicism was the version of Christianity that most closely conformed to the natural religion of humankind? (Barth was Protestant, so he didn’t mean that in the good, Chestertonian sense but in the bad, Apostle Paul sense).

  • MaryMargaret

    Not to be nasty..but I am noticing that we Catholics are all about bad stuff..Here is good stuff? Sooo..ignore? Here is a man who exemplifies Catholicism? This man deserves our praise. Why is it better to complain about the bad guys? Definitely, the bad guys need some press, but why do we give them more than this great man?