The New Media Push to Shame Old Media into Covering Gosnell

is succeeding.  Way to go!

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  • Marthe Lépine

    It was a very interesting video, thanks, Mark. I have a question: would not all, or several, of the people who failed to respond to complaints, who did not do the required health inspections, etc. be considered as accessories to murder? It said that some of the former clinic employees pleaded guilty. But those people who did not respond to complaints, for example the ER that reported a botched abortion on a 14 year old, which was certainly a reliable source (there would always be ways to dismiss complaints by “disgruntled” ex-patients or ex-employees…), do bear a large responsibility, IMHO, at least for letting the situation go on that long. And another question: in the video, the address to view the documentary about it was given fast, and at the very end, and I really do not feel like viewing the whole thing again. Could someone give the link here, please?