The Ongoing Struggle of the Pomo Left and Right to Come to Happy Accord…

…is on full display in this bizarre attempt by Pro-Torture Flagship NeoCon Journal The Weekly Standard (edited by Bill “Preternaturally Wrong About Everything” Kristol to stand tall for torture even as the UN attempts to ignore abortion. The resulting bizarre confection is a political clash between people who adore abortion as the health of the state and condemn torture vs. people who adore torture as the health of the state and condemn abortion. Soon, the sexual tension between them will snap and they will embrace in an indissoluble kiss as they both realize that their mutual love of crushing and murdering the weak in the service of their pursuit of power is more powerful than any superficial difference they may once have had.

In the words of the Hindi proverb, “When elephants fight, is is the grass that suffers.”

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  • Bob LeBlanc

    Wesley J. Smith, the author of the piece, is a good egg. He also writes for First Things. I don’t know him as a torture apologist. I do know that he has written well about human dignity in case of abortion as well as end of life issues (e.g. euthanasia).

    In this piece, I think he is rightfully concerned that anti-abortion laws are going to be redefined as torture and therefore crimes against humanity.

  • alex

    I know this is about R vs L, but Thank you Mr. Shea for pointing out how both the AYN RANDIAN GOP & MARXIST DEM parties’d rather put power & money before fully embracing the Gospel message of Life (they don’t even make an effort to pretend to care about life issues anymore). Both parties are so morally bankrupt that faithful US Catholics should simply “divorce” from any political party (unless there is a party with enough cajones to truly promote life & human dignity-which I don’t see) & should simply support Life/human dignity causes/initiatives. (Wasn’t Pres. George Washington against political parties?) Anyway, Reformation Protestants/Anglicans “divorced” from us Catholics once so I don’t see why we can’t “divorce” from their political parties.

    • alex

      There, I said it. Today’s Republicans worship Ayn Rand (& her bat crazy atheistic egocentric Uberman Nietzche-ista philosophy) & Democrats worship Karl Marx (& his also goose crazy atheistic morally relatisvic blood-thirsty revolutionary philosophy). We Catholics are called to transcent such falsehoods & follow the Truth. And in this Individual vs. Collective debate, both sides (Rand vs Marx) try to exterminate the other (Rand, the Collective, & Marx, the Individual), but again our genius Catholic Faith (with encyclicals by POPE John Paul II) reminds us that we need BOTH to be healthy human beings. We promote PERSONHOOD (which sees the relationship between Individual & Collective as Mutual). God created each of us humans (His favorite creation of all) as Individual (with Free will) but also made us to be a Social beings (hence Eve). We Catholics are called to support personhood (individual living & being nourished by a Christian comunity) and embrace both & abandon the false dichotomies created by Rand, Marx & Nietzche, which only serve to prey on the weak & corrupt us with power.

      • alex

        We must as Catholics remember Chesterton & how true it was when he said that BOTH Big Business (GOP today) & Big Government (DEM today) work together to destroy the Family (which is the nourishing foundation of Christian living communities). And don’t say Rand/Marx/Nietzche don’t have false dichotomies intended to divide us (remember the Greek word for Devil means divider) with their: parasites vs producer, Uberman, bourgeoisie vs. proletariat, and the likes.

      • alex

        Both the “Conservatives” & Progessives are putting up idols & sacred cows to glorify themselves in their sick agendas instead of glorifying God. I’m reminded of a GK Chesterton quote:
        “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.”

  • alex

    Sorry for the rant Mr. Shea, I’m new to commenting in blogs (I used to just read them), so my fingers still get ahead of me when typing comments with keyboard.

  • Ry

    This post seems rather over the top. The linked article by Wesley J. Smith is calling attention to a serious problem in the way in which the U.N. is characterizing laws against abortion as torture. The only possible problem with it seems to be that it appears in the Weekly Standard, which is edited by Bill Kristol. I am baffled as to what it is that makes this article worthy of ridicule.

    It’s not the ritually impure source, is it? It can’t be that.

  • enness

    Indeed — read carefully. It’s not ‘bizarre.’ If everything is torture, then nothing is. Women who have been raped have been raising the same objection to misuse of that word to describe a kind of ultrasound, have they not?