They Might Be Giants

Because it’s my blog and I can:

and furthermore:

and plus:

and also:

and finally, in a cruel and earwormy way:

I've Wasted my Life
More May Music from the Franciscan Sisters of Charity
"Billy Jean" on beer bottles
Here they come, walkin' down the street...
  • Gail Finke

    Purple toupee will show the way, when summer brings you down…
    Purple toupee and gold lame will turn your brain around…

    • Mr. Me

      Chinese people were fighting in the park. We tried to help them fight; no one appreciated that.

  • victor

    All very solid picks. I approve. Though I actually prefer the non-TinyToons video for Istanbul.

  • sherry

    I want those few minutes back, other than Istanbul…

  • Mike

    I’ve always been partial to Four of Two:

  • Luke Shea

    They have a great new album out, too! It’s called NANOBOTS, and it includes such gems as the following:

  • Scott

    I always knew they should have built a fence around Seattle.