Always Take Off 50 IQ Points When the MSM Reports on the Church

CBS tries to divine the sinister curtain-gliding nefarious purposes as Benedict moves back to the Vatican.  What Svengali-like control is trying to exert over Francis?  What is his true (and, it goes without saying, sinister) purpose?

Of course, it could just be that he’s old and sick and wants to be closer to people he knows and likes in his declining health.  But that’s just crazy talk.  It’s not like he’s human or anything.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Heh, you could probably have just left it at “Always Take Off 50 IQ Points When the MSM Reports”.

  • wlinden

    So the story is “there are concerns”. But what sort of “concerns”? Who is “concerned”? Blank-out, as John Galt would say.

  • kencrawsailor .

    Ugh. There’s so many things wrong with that report…

    Why is it that meeting with the new Pope was somehow violating his statement of living out a life of prayer, hidden from the world? After all, they admit that no transcript was released. In fact, it almost feels like they’re then criticizing him for keeping the transcript HIDDEN!?!

    Also, why is there an imbedded assumption that it would be bad for Benedict to have an influence on Francis? I guess they could be going back to the argument that he’d be violating his promise to be hidden from the world, but it sure doesn’t feel like that’s their motivation.

    • $16275642

      Because they hate him. That’s why there is the embedded assumption.

  • kenofken

    I figured it was Benedict calling him out for the final sword duel like those guys in Highlander. “There can be only one!” And I’d give Benedict even odds. 87 is truly just a number to those guys!

  • Marthe Lépine

    Well, it’s just that, considering those 50 IQ points missing and all, that their memory has been forever lost… I remember that it was stated clearly in other reports about Benedict’s abdication that he would be living in that convent in the Vatican once renovations would be finished. But there have been so many other terrifying news since then in the rest of the world, how are we supposed to expect the MSM to remember?

  • Michael Matthew

    Maybe he lost the papal TV remote?

  • Jeremiah H

    While I agree that they took Pope Benedict’s wish to be hidden the wrong way, the line below gives me hope.
    “The two popes differ in style, but are both traditionalists, with similar strict views on abortion, gay rights and other ethical issues. Pope Francis, for example, used the phrase “slave labor” in reference to the garment factory disaster in Bangladesh — a moral stance that would find no argument from his soon-to-be close neighbor. Pope Francis will meet Benedict at the door of his new home.”

  • Andy, Bad Person

    “…Benedict’s new home in a restored convent
    behind St. Peter’s Basilica…”

    AKA, “Exactly where Benedict said he was going to live several months ago, and has been waiting for his accommodations there to be completed.”

    Extra! Extra! Benedict says he’ll do something, then he does it! Read all about it!

  • lavallette

    I trust the CBS is just as worried about the threat of machinations and possible coup d’etats against the Obummer with the presence of four other living Presidents Emeriti of the USA, living within its borders.

  • Patrick J Loveless

    And when Francis comes out and says gay marriage and abortion are wrong instead of turning to his history they’ll say “Benedict is whispering into his ears!”

  • Stacy Forsythe

    It gets worse. A Facebook friend inferred that Benedict and his live-in male secretary must be a gay couple….

  • cixi

    Given the history of the Vatican people have every reason to think something nefarious is going on and even that these men are gay. Given that the Vatican has no power anymore and nobody really cares about what priests do behind closed doors with each other it’s a moot point.

  • cixi

    I’d like to add that what I’ve seen of the new popes actions he seems like a pretty decent guy who may actually follow Christ’s teachings.