God Love Abby Johnson!

Here she is on the Gosnell verdict, responding to the weirdness of prolifers who indulge bloodthirsty death penalty rhetoric in the name of him who died to give us his mercy:

I took my own children’s lives…twice. Not because I was coerced. Not because I didn’t know better. But because I thought children would be an inconvenience to my lifestyle. I am responsible for their deaths…no one else.

So when someone talks about Gosnell and says things like, “murderers and people like him don’t deserve to breathe the same air as I do,” or “I hope he burns in hell,” it hurts a little. Because that was me. But I am still here…breathing that same air…and trying to spend my life righting my wrongs. And it’s not just me. I know they hurt others like me, as well. People who have left the abortion industry and will work every day to recover from their sins. People who are still in the industry and think they will be shunned by the pro-life movement…maybe they would reach out to us if they knew we would accept them. I am always terrified that clinic workers will see some of the words from prolifers. I have been told by several former workers that they will NEVER come forward with their stories because they are so scared of how they will be treated by us…by US…the supposed “Christian” movement. Their fears are real AND legitimate.

Precisely. The clinic worker you want to lie to, the one you tempt into another murder for the delectation of your audience watching on hidden cameras, the person you speculate about shooting in cold blood as you imagine you would if you had a shot at Hitler, the one you clamor to see wriggling at the end of a rope? For some reason, that person is not inclined to buy it when Christian prolifers talk about the love and mercy of God. The more such language and behavior is displayed by prolifers who just want a quick fix and an easy and violent resolution to this problem, the fewer Abby Johnsons you will see. Indeed, without a measure of security and support from healthy Christians, there’s no guarantee that even converts will stick around such an environment. If the sacrament of Christ’s grace, the Church, is full of people clamoring for death and damnation of sinners, where is there left for them to turn?

Abby has the right idea. Support And Then There Were None. This battle will be won by love and mercy, not by punishment, death, temptation, lies, and vengefulness.

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