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"Great post, Mark."

Not coincidentally….
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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
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Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth

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  • Paul_04

    Thanks for the note! Those without Facebook can also check out the Pilgrimage post at http://www.JuventutemMichigan.com.

    As I have written elsewhere on the internet – a big Thank You to the Marie Reine pilgrimage, which both helped inspire our pilgrimage and provided some of our photographic materials!

    This is our fifth year of working on young adult pilgrimages in Michigan, and the first time that two pastors have committed to celebrating Traditional Latin Masses for us. Onward and upward!

    An invitation to Mark’s readers : Send us flag ideas. Better, yet – send us flags!

    As a pilgrim on the 2012 edition of the Marie Reine pilgrimage I carried and observed flags of the FSSP, of the Vatican, of the shrine destination, and of some of the parishes that sent pilgrims. We also carried several flags that developed historic French symbols in a way appropriate for a French Canadian pilgrimage.

    We invite readers’ suggestions of flags and banners which develop traditional pilgrimage symbols in American / Michiganian / midwestern ways. Please feel free to write up descriptions or to send along links to pictures of existing or conceptual pilgrimage banners.
    email to contact@JuventutemMichigan.com
    or post a comment here.