I just found out Ray Harryhausen Died

In a civilized world, all the nations of the earth would fly their flags at half-mast for a man who gave so much joy to so many people. God rest his soul and give him eternal joy through Christ our Lord. Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. You made this world a far better place, Ray. Thanks! And say hello and thanks to your lifelong friend Ray Bradbury from all us fans. We loved you both.

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  • ForsythiaTheMariner

    Oh, Rest in Peace, Mr. Harryhausen. Thanks for informing us, I would never have known.

  • bobbyc

    That’s totally off the chain, man.

  • Andy

    I heard about it the other day on NPR when they played an interview with him. His idea of what made a movie was not gore, but our imagination – I love so many of his movies. He is the reason (he bears the blame my wife says) that I am obsessed with SFi movies from the late 50 early 60s). Rest in peace sir, you genius is missed.

  • KyPerson

    I am a HUGE fan of sci-fi movies from the late 50s to early 60s and Ray Harryhausen’s were the best. He lived a long life and gave so much pleasure to every one. RIP Ray Harryhausen, I loved your work.

  • Stu

    Does lowering the flag to half-mast actually mean anything anymore?

    • chezami

      It does to me.

      • Stu

        I understand your POV. But unfortunately, it is now done so much and for so many instances that it has sadly lost it’s meaning.

        • chezami

          You know, I ‘ve noticed that. It seems like every other week the flag is at half mast. What’s up with that? Who decides that stuff?

          • Stu

            The Commander-in-Chief, though State Governors have taken it upon themselves to do it now as well. I think the cause is….abuse by politicians who use it a a cheap method to rally the masses. Traditionally, it has been reserved in the US for those who served the Nation to such an extent that the Nation mourned their loss (Presidents, Explorers, Generals, Admirals, etc). Now it goes down for any tragedy that catches the public eye. The more it is used, the more it becomes meaningless. Sad.

  • ivan_the_mad

    God rest his soul. May he hear the Author of All say to him, “Release the Kraken!!!” 🙂

    • Eve


    • Newp Ort

      I remember seeing Clash of the Titans in the theater around age 7 or so I just loved that movie. Watched it again recently what an amazingly corny movie but the Harryhausen effects were still so much fun. Thanks Ray, Godspeed!

  • Dave G.

    I heard this from my boys. They want to have a Harryhausen marathon. I think that would be a great tribute.

  • Newp Ort

    I at first I thought it said Ray Kurtzweil, and thought “oh wow, the Singularity starts any day now and I’m totally unprepared!” (Everybody knows the technology that enables limitless lifespan will be created within a week after Kurtzweil kicks the bucket.)