Lucy the Cuteness: Fashionista

She is now dressing herself. Stylin’!

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  • ModerateMom17

    The dressing of the self phase is one of my favorites.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My favorite picture of my oldest at that age has her wearing pink snow boots, a princess dress her grandma made her, a tutu, and a camouflage baseball cap. It’s so much fun to see what they put on.

  • rakowskidp

    Bright colors, multiple layers, and plenty of sparkly bits. My own dear daughters would be proud. Well done, li’l miss Lucy!

  • John Yochum

    very cute

  • Carol Weinstock


  • Kathleen Lundquist

    I want to be as fashionable to Lucy! Where can I get me some of those Hello Kitty flats?

    • Kathleen Lundquist

      …_as_ Lucy…