Or how about instead, IRS, you go to hell? Yeah. I like that better. Go to hell.

A bureaucracy, like a corporation, has no soul, so you can wish it to perdition all you like when it becomes an agent of evil.  And when the IRS says to a pro-life group: We’ll approve your application if you promise not to “protest or picket outside of Planned Parenthood” it can go to hell.

How’s that for reporting the content of my prayers, IRS?

This stuff is, at the *very* least, a massive failure of oversight by Obama, with whom the buck stops.  What remains to be seen is whether it’s more than that.  If this is not merely the IRS going rogue in response to the corporate culture of the Obama White House and is, instead, enacting policy on order from the White House, then Obama should be impeached.

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