Pope Goes all “Cultural Marxist” on Us

Here he is, totally buying into all that Lefty garbage that the Takers in the 47% spout:

“Today many social, political and economic systems have chosen to exploit the human person” in the workplace, by “not paying a just (wage), not offering work, focusing solely on the balance sheets, the company’s balance sheets, only looking at how much I can profit. This goes against God!”

“People are less important than the things that give profit to those who have political, social, economic power. What point have we come to?”

If you are wondering how a Pope can be so seemingly orthodox conservative Catholic one second (what with all the prolife teaching, prayers to Mary and warnings about Hell) and then so bafflingly unRepublican the next, the key is to recall that, at the center of Catholic social teaching you will find not the State, the Corporation, or the individual, but the Family.  This concept, as foreign to the Randian Right as to the Statist Left and the Corporate Crony, is what makes sense of Catholic social teaching.  If it’s good for the family, it’s good, because the family is the icon of the Trinity.  If it’s bad for the family, it’s bad and the ideological follies of individualists, statists, and corporatists fall before the needs of the family.

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