Masquerading as a Social Justice Warrior

Masquerading as a Social Justice Warrior April 21, 2020

One pattern I’ve noted from people who use the unborn as human shields for making war on virtually the entirety of the rest of the Church’s social doctrine is that they nearly always describe those who take that teaching seriously as “masquerading” as “social justice warriors” in order to “undermine True Catholicism” or some variation on that theme.

Translation: If you do not vote Republican, adore Trump, and shout “MAGA!” and back every right wing demand, no matter how inhuman, then you are, in fact, a “fake Catholic” who wants to kill babies and pervert the Faith. Your interest in the Church’s social teaching, of course, fake and insincere. How could anybody really think it’s important? It’s not. So you must be “masquerading”.

None of that is logical, of course. It’s just hand-waving nonsense from people who cannot tell the difference between the Magisterium and the Tradition on the one hand and FOX News and Right Wing Urban Legends on the other.

More than this, it is yet again classic projection from the political cult where accusation is always confession. The Catholic who takes the social doctrine of the Church seriously wants to protect all human life from conception to natural death. So opposition to abortion is part of the whole package and the whole reason for supporting Catholic Social doctrine is because the teaching of the Church is to be upheld, not undermined.

On the contrary, it is the use of the unborn as human shields to defend open (and covert) war on the Magisterium, the Holy Father, and nearly every teaching of the Church not about abortion and sex (and only select aspects of these) that is really masquerading and really undermining the Faith.

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