The Latest in the Confirmation Series at the Register

is here.  If you haven’t caught the rest of the series, you can follow the links for Part  1: the Introduction; Wisdom: Part  2, Part  3; Understanding: Part  4, Part  5, Part  6; Counsel: Part  7, Part  8; and Fortitude: Part  9 and Part  10, Part  11 and Knowledge: Part  12.

"John Burrows, I agree! Shea waxes the Straw-man Christianist mantra almost in every piece he ..."

March for Life Thrilled…
"I'm not "alt right". Mark Shea has stayed at my house. Twice.I do tend to ..."

Damien and Simcha Fisher report a ..."
"The alt right sure does mobilize the troops when one of its incubators is threatened."

Damien and Simcha Fisher report a ..."

Damien and Simcha Fisher report a ..."

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