A very quiet Marian apparition

I have only two comments about this story:

1.  I totally believe it, in no small part because it totally fits the divine pattern of little acts of hidden grace rather than big splashy sky-writing type miracles.

2. It’s beautiful and sweet and just what that girl needed.  What a lovely gesture!  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus!

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  • Dr. Eric

    I believe these kinds of things happen more often than we think they do.

  • Angela

    This was beautiful. Thank you.

  • Pavel Chichikov

    They happen.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My husband had a similar experience, only she appeared to him in a dream as Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was after he lost his mother at 19.

  • singermomma

    Years ago, a friend told me about a young mother in her town in Mexico who was losing her little boy to cancer. Her was around 4 or 5 years old. As he lay in bed and they knew the end was near, his eyes suddenly opened wide and he stared up at the ceiling and exclaimed, “Mama! Who is that beautiful lady?” His mother was able to encourage him to go to her, that she loved him and would take care of him. He slipped away shortly after.

    I always thought it was so beautiful not only that this happened, but that that little boy’s mom was able to witness this and hand her precious child over to the loving care of his heavenly mother. What comfort in such an awful situation. I like to think that all children who are taken from us too soon are also given this vision, whether we know it or not.