Great News! Simcha Fisher is on Patheos!

At last it can be revealed!  I mentioned knowing this some time ago but super duper secret secrecy requirements required super duper secret secrecy of secrets.

Now, however, the word is out!  Lizzie Scalia makes the Big Announcement and Simcha supplies proof by actually publishing something here.

She is one of my favorite writers and human beings in the world!  Let joy be unconfined!  Bookmark her.  You’ll want to read everything!

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  • Jared Black

    AweXomeness! (According to Homestar Runner, putting an ‘X’ in the middle of the word makes it more awesome).

    I love how Patheos has become a hub for some of the best Catholic bloggers out there. I don’t really follow how well Patheos fairs with other major world religions but it’s certainly well on its way to becoming a kind of first-stop for Catholic blogging, other good and worthy Catholic blogs being easily discoverable by these blogs linking to them..

    • chezami

      Umlauts also increase awesomeness.

  • Sean Johnson

    This is really a great news! And that is very awesome. I am inspired with Simcha Fisher, because of her humanness and her strength. Very inspiring story!