Hey Baton Rouge, LA! I’m on your radio today!

I will be on Karen Hornsby’s program Beautiful Minds today, June 6, 10:30am central time – on 1380AM.  For those of you who want to listen in on the web, you can sream the show at www.catholiccommunityradio.org . Karen highlights writers past and present who bring us ‘the good the true and the beautiful’.  By some unaccountable blunder, she decided ask me to be a guest too, presumably as a change of pace and a chance to meet writers who are abrasive, mouthy and fat.

Happily, we both love Chesterton, who is the inspiration behind the series, and they wanted to talk with me about him, for which I am always game.  Karen recently had Dale Ahlquist, Prez of the American Chesterton Society, on to highlight his books on Chesterton. (Fun fact: Dale was in Baton Rouge a couple of months ago, and their little Chesterton group accompanied him to Ponchatuola, LA where the only life-sized stature of GK Chesterton in the world resides.)

Join us later today for a fun romp through Chesterton, Manalive, and maybe a couple of words about my work too.

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