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Hello Catholic Professionals of Seattle,

The jubilation from Easter is wrapping up, the Solemnity of Corpus Christi is upon us, and this season of great Breakfast Series wraps up next week on June 7 at 7 am. Erszi Dornay is sure is give a presentation as exciting as any summer blockbuster, so what better way to close out the past year of CPoS events and kickoff Summer than joining us next Friday?

Don’t forget to Register Online for the event here!

See you on June 7!

Not Without My Son

Erzsi Dornay’s nightmare began December 26 of 2010 when she and her then husband, Mouad Elbou, planned to visit Casablanca with their 3 yr. old son. Unbeknownst to Dornay, Mouad, a fervent Muslim, had made elaborate plans to use Moroccan laws and his family connections to aid him in abducting his son. Although both are American citizens, the mother and child were detained in Morocco for twelve months when a two week Christmas vacation turned into a year-long nightmare.

Hear her harrowing tale of faith and perseverance as she spent one year fighting to get her son back.

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