Information Technology is Not the Friend of the Pro-Abort Liar

Oh sure, the pro-abort liar can use mass media to disseminate all the “it’s just a lunp of tissue” bushwah to people who still get all their info from Big Brother. But when people can whip out their Smartphone and do an ultrasound anywhere, anytime it gets harder to control the message.

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  • Diana

    Your linked page no longer exists, sadly.

    • B.E. Ward

      For some reason, it’s just trying to link to patheos, but the page is hosted elsewhere. Hopefully Mark can switch it around as it’s an interesting article!

  • John Thrippleton

    Do a search on smartphone based ultrasound and I think you’ll find where it is supposed to go

  • Dan F.
    • B.E. Ward

      That’s the one.

  • Newp Ort

    There’s a lot of dogma on either side (abortion does or doesn’t cause cancer, depression, etc) but the “lump of tissue” thing is really pathetic, because anyone could google what a fetus (baby? fetal human? blastocyst?) looks like at any stage of development very easily, from unbiased sources. Just requires a second of “is this really true” type of thought. But people believe what they want to believe.

    It’s perhaps not *technically* a lie, because they might believe it, but I guess spreading willful continued ignorance is tantamount to lying. (tantamount to lying – there’s another one for your Lila Rose debate!). Sort of like the popular conservative christian claim from my college days that “the holes in a latex condom a bigger than the AIDS virus!”

    Currently, to get an actual ultrasound you can “whip out” a smartphone and a $7500 ultrasound attachment and do an ultrasound “anytime, anywhere” a pregnant woman is willing to expose her belly and let you rub ultrasound jelly all over it. Providing your smartphone runs on software that’s been obsolete for two years.

    On the plus side, however, with the rapid advance in technology, this means in five years you’ll be able to perform an ultrasound with your smartphone and an attachment that cost $100 at Sam’s club. Mark you might be jumping the gun but it’s right around the corner!