Lucy: Cryptic Genius

How genius? First, her mom sez of the following photo: Watching the construction next to our apartment, Lucy bursts out suddenly, “Hey, that says ‘cat’!” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is, ahem, not yet four.

Then, her mom reports this conversation:

Me: Hey Lucy, I have a secret.
Me: [leaning in to whisper] I love you!
Lucy: [cracks up laughing]
Lucy: [recovers]
Lucy: Hey mom, I have a secret too.
Me: [leans in to listen]
Lucy: [impassioned whisper] TREE HOUSE

Well on her way to become a gifted poet of haiku.

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  • CJ

    Building an addition on your palatial mansion with the riches you’ve earned as a Catholic writer, huh?

  • Beadgirl

    Purple monkey dishwasher!

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Purple bananas on the moon.