Newborn Comes Back to Life in Mama’s Arms

Lesson: Don’t be sure you know what’s “futile care”, Mr. Medical Bean Counter.

A civilization that spends zillions keeping the mummified body of Cher and a small minority of wealthy narcissists looking 33 years old while instantly throwing up its hands at the poor and the weak and saying “It’s hopeless” is deeply sick.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Blessed be God. Blessed be His Holy Name.

    “So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” So Love continues to conquer the grave.

    Thanks be to God for this miracle. God bless this family.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I dare anyone to read that with a dry eye. We are 27 weeks, 5 days today, heartbreaking to even think of losing this baby.

    • Margaret

      Right there with ya, Rebecca. 32 weeks, and had a little scare this past weekend that baby might have to come out imminently. That was a bad enough thought, even knowing we were likely “just” looking at a NICU stint. The prospect of just out-and-out losing the little kicker is too much to think about.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Stories like this (a happy one, praise God!), as well as stories about abortion, hit home much harder when I am pregnant, and the further along I go, the harder I end up crying over them.

        • Margaret

          My pregnancies used to go that way, too. But a few years ago one of the oldest babies became a teenager who found ways to drive Mama to tears on a near-daily basis, pregnant or not. I finally had to learn to dial back the spigot just to save my own sanity…

          • Rebecca Fuentes

            I’ve been there with my stepdaughter, who is now nearly 21. I’ll keep you in my prayers–teens are so much harder emotionally than toddlers.

  • Andrew Kosmowski

    Dear Mark,

    As I read this, I recalled the story of Mr. & Mrs. Rick Santorum bringing their stillborn child home for the rest of the family to see. The press ridiculed them. Thanks for showing this story, as it means to me that sometimes, the right thing is to let the family grieve, for we never know what will happen.