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I’m Mike Stark,Executive Producer of The TRUTH & LIFE Dramatized Catholic audio New Testament. I want to share with you our new Catholic Bible App. T&L is endorsed by the NCEA. I will follow this letter with an e-mail that Cardinal George sent to the Archdiocese of Chicago pastors, as well as all the members of the USCCB. I hope you will take a minute of your time to consider Truth & Life. Cardinal Dolan calls T&L “The GREATEST Catholic product of all time!”.  Bishop Ricken (USCCB New Evang.) STRONGLY endorses T&L as well.

The Truth & Life RSV-CE New Testament is 22-hours in length; features more than 75 actors; movie-quality sound effects and an original music score. This ‘radio-drama’ style audio presentation brings the eternal words of the New Testament to life. It was granted an Imprimatur by The Vatican, features a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI and was produced by Carl Amari and EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo.

Last year I sent many people information about our new audio Bible on CD. I hope you are aware of it. It is a weekly radio show now on EWTN, and has been written up quit a bit lately. I have done many radio shows, and hope to be doing more for others. I would love to tell the people of your audience all about it. I look forward to hearing from you.

We have now developed a powerful APP. (application for phones & electronic devices) for The TRUTH & LIFE Dramatized Catholic audio New Testament and our goal is to GIVE this APP. away FREE to anyone in the world that would like to receive it. We are hoping to work with you and your organization to help achieve this goal.We have developed  FREE Apps. for EWTN, Lighthouse, Parable and in the process of creating an App. for Ignatius. I feel this will be a great tool for our YEAR OF FAITH. I am trying to put this FREE APP. in as many people’s hands as I can. I hope you might be able to spread the good word. I am only one person and this is a HUGE task! Thankfully, Cardinal George has sent out many letters, but I need more help. There are so many people to tell!

This free APP. includes the entire written text of the RSV-CE New Testament AND the fully-dramatized audio of the Gospel of Mark. This audio Gospel of Mark is 2-hours long and features many award-winning International celebrities, including: Neal Mc Donough (Jesus), Blair Underwood (Mark), Kristen Bell (Mary, Magdalene), Michael York (Luke), Sean Astin (Matthew), Brian Cox (Voice of God), Malcolm McDowell (Caiaphas), Julia Ormond (Mary, Mother of God), Stacy Keach (John), and John Rhys-Davis (Narrator).

It has the most powerful search tool ever!

If those receiving this APP. choose to purchase additional TRUTH & LIFE audio (i.e Matthew, Luke, John, Acts, Revelation, etc.) they can do so for a nominal fee.

Here’s a link for this FREE APP. (which includes the entire written text of the RSV-CE New Testament and the 2-hour audio Gospel of Mark and an AMAZING search tool):

We need your help to fulfill Jesus command to teach all nations by spreading God’s word.

Here are the links for the apps. we developed for EWTN & Lighthouse Catholic Marketing:

EWTN  App Website:

Apple Store:

Google Store:

Kindle Fire:

Lighthouse Catholic Media App Website:

Apple Store:

Google Store:

Kindle Fire:

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