There’s no way on earth I can thank all the people who responded to my apology, so please let this stand as my thanks to everybody who wrote with such mercy and kindness.  My wife asked how I was yesterday.  I told her I was waiting to see if the incision healed without infection.  Some acts of repentance are like squeezing a zit.  It hurts for a second and then it’s over.  This was more like triple-bypass surgery.

I’m still in the throes of several gigantic editing and writing projects (another sort of overwhelmed) so that’s about it for today.  God bless you guys through our Lord Jesus Christ.

PS:  One other thing:  Please know that I’ve read *all* the private email, as well as the combox traffic and am taking seriously the counsel given.  I simply don’t have time to respond to it all, but it is being ruminated upon. So thank you.

"I just listened to your interview/discussion/chat with Brother Guy and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you."

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  • Stu

    God is good. 🙂

    • Catholic-Cat,Dogmatic-Dog

      God is good all the time; all the time God is good, my brotha!

  • Stephen J.

    “Some acts of repentance are like….” Man, there’s some kind of brilliance in being the first writer I’ve ever come across who thought of a simile about repentance and reconciliation that just plain grossed me out, even as it made me laugh. I don’t know whether I want to high-five you or go guelph in a corner.
    Thank God you’re on the angels’ side.

  • lori

    I hadn’t commented previously, but your post came right after our book group finished our “reading lolita in tehran’. One of the points made had been that when you look for villains in literature, they are the people who fail to see the people around them as human- fail to act with empathy, compassion or charity etc. It’s just amazing how we all interact on this planet and be so very connected.