Reader Laura Sheard writes with a Chestertonian Proposition

I’m writing to see if you ever have been asked to promote on your blog Cool Things That Catholic Families Are Doing.  Right now we are fundraising to build a butcher shop and slaughter truck to enable us to better serve our customers in our trade of traditional livestock harvesting and processing.  We educate small family farmers (lots of them Christian!) on how to keep their butchery in-house and as naturally as possible…making the Big Meat Business as angry as possible.  I’m trying to adhere to your subversive side, can you tell?

Anyway, the campaign is being hosted by Kickstarter and you can find all the details here; budget, background etc.  We even have links to some of our other films in case you like to watch fun films on-line.

Totally understand if you can’t promote business doings with your blog, but just thought I’d check.  We’re trying to get the word out as far and wide as possible.

Thanks and Happy Summer!

Lauren Sheard

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Great stuff! More local economy, please … or as some might call it, distributism. Our local butcher is more than just quality, reasonably-priced, local meat – it’s part of the community. We know them and they know us.

    • meatsmith

      Glad to hear it. There are very few ‘local butchers’ anymore…even if many try to go by that name still.