The Fantastic Fr. Phil Bloom is Going on Pilgrimage to Peru

He writes:

I invite you to accompany me on a Pilgrimage to Peru (February 10-24).  The Pilgrimage will include:

  • Mass at the shrines of St. Martin de Porres and St. Rose of Lima,
  • Visits to two orphanages and the Mary Bloom Center
  • Guided tour of Cuzco and Machu Picchu (officially recognized as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World).

The total cost of the pilgrimage is $2,950, which includes air fares, hotels and transportation in Peru, a professional tour guide during our two weeks in Peru and a donation to Vincentian Daughters of Charity (who are in charge of the orphanages we will be visiting).

There will be a meeting on August 13 at 7 pm to explain the details of this pilgrimage and to answer your questions regarding itinerary, health concerns, food and transportation in Peru, payment schedule and mission activities at the Mary Bloom Center and the orphanages.  For more information, please contact me by phone (360-794-8945, ext 12) or email (

Fr. Phil is one of my favorite priests and human beings in the world.

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  • Imp the Vladaler

    What does one do on a visit to an orphanage?

    • chezami

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “Visit orphans.”

      • Imp the Vladaler

        Sure, but do the orphans want to be visited? It’s an orphanage, not a zoo.

        If I were a Peruvian orphan, I don’t know if I’d want a group of rich Americans coming by to see how cute I am.

        • chezami

          Or it could be (as is in fact the case) that Fr. Bloom has a long-standing relationship with the orphanage and has spent a lot of time in Peru and knows everybody there and is welcome there by the kids and the people who run the place. It could even be, for all I know, that part of the purpose is to go provide some free labor for the orphanage such as facility repairs, etc. Seriously man, why make such a jerkwad assumption? Sheesh.

          • Imp the Vladaler

            No jerkwad assumption would be necessary if you had replied to my initial question with an actual answer instead of snark.

            • chezami

              My reply was a joke, not snark. The jerkwad assumption was implicit in the question. You might have asked, “Are they going to help at the orphanage?” But instead your question and the follow up assumed, bizarrely, that the goal of the pilgrimage was to go slumming.

              • Imp the Vladaler

                Mind-reading, Shea?

                I’m not your enemy. Take it down a notch. For the sake of your sanity and your soul. Assume good faith. Try it. Doesn’t hurt one bit.

                But even if you’re going to assume bad faith on my part in my initial question, well… Proverbs 15:1

  • jaybird1951

    Fr. Bloom is in Ashland, OR this week for his annual Shakespeare Festival visit and is sharing local parish duties with our pastor at the weekday Masses.