The pithy Dale Price says it all

“The good news? It’s getting increasingly difficult for anyone to hate us for our freedoms.”

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  • Rosemarie


    Yeah, it’s looking more and more like the thinking is, “They hate us for our freedoms, therefore let’s ditch our freedoms so they won’t hate us anymore.”

    Though I don’t buy that “They hate us for our freedoms” line. In fact, terrorists probably love our freedoms, insofar as they can use them against us. They actually hate us for a variety of other reasons, particularly US support of Israel.

    • Dan C

      They hate us for our freedoms was a non-sensical applause line that follows from no logic.

      • Rosemarie


        Yes, along with the line: “The word ‘Islam’ is derived from ‘salaam’ – the Arabic word for peace.” Our Coptic Catholic friend, Mounir, who was born in Egypt and speaks Arabic as his native tongue, confirmed that that is incorrect shortly after 9/11 when that propaganda began. Islam means “submission” in Arabic, not peace (though I knew that already from the religious studies course I took in college; that’s the first thing they taught us about Islam. Mounir confirmed it, though.)

        Such was the propaganda they fed us right after 9/11. Another one was the BS that a long-term “War on Terror” against every single terrorist in the world was feasible. And a grieving nation bought it all. I guess we were too immersed in mourning to think straight.

        • BraveMom

          Well, then you could say submission IS peace. Which isn’t so far from the truth. Catholic teaching is that peace comes from obedience to God. I don’t know Arabic though, so whether this line of logic works to explain anything, I really can’t say.

          • Rosemarie


            I’ve since heard it said that Muslims say that, when the whole world embraces Islam, there will be world salaam (a play on words, I guess; the words may not be derived from each other but they do sound similar). That’s not necessarily such a pleasant thought for non-Muslims, though.

            Of course, it’s not just obedience to God that brings peace, it’s also love of Him as for a Father. Islam denies the Fatherhood of God, seeing humans as slaves, not sons and daughters, of God.

  • Sean P. Dailey

    They are still welcome to hate us for our materialism, bad taste, and all-around sanctimonious self-righteousness.