There’s a GKC Quote for Everything

Here he is, prophetically remarking on the ongoing transformation of American civilization into a vast apparatus dedicated to the worship of the Trinity of Mammon/Venus/Mars and defending that by attempting to spy on everybody on planet earth:

If men will not be governed by the Ten Commandments, they shall be governed by the ten thousand commandments.

In our attempt to defend the immoral, we are attempting the impossible.  It’s an epic level of crazy.  But we have the government we deserve and the one we chose.

Of course, there is always the option to repent and believe the Good News of Jesus Christ instead.

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  • John Schaefer

    If only man, in general, could adhere to simple rules without trying to work around the edges. Everything would be better! But, they can’t…so it won’t. Utopia is something to strive towards, but is a difficult destination to get to.

    • Adolfo

      Man can. He often chooses not to, but let’s not pretend that Grace doesn’t exist.

      • John Schaefer

        GENERALLY speaking, man will look to bend the rules. I don’t think in any way that what I said should be interpreted as grace doesn’t exist. But, the reality is that even in our country’s founding it was to form a “more perfect union”, not THE perfect union.

        • Pavel Chichikov

          *Bez tuftu i ammonali
          Nye postroili kannali*

          A zek’s verse, roughly:

          Without screwing the boss and dynamite
          They would never have built the canal

          *Tufta* is bending the rules, getting over on the boss, and then some.

          When St. Paul talks about the Law, I think he partly has *tufta* in mind.

  • Dr. Eric

    Min was an Egyptian god of male prowess, you should replace Venus with Min so you can have alliteration.

    • Since most of the fealty to Venus involves advocacy of sacrificing the unborn to Moloch, that would be my choice to preserve the alliteration.

  • Pavel Chichikov

    If he’ll permit me, Mark and I recently had a brief exchange by email over whether or not this species of ours can expect a good outcome. He seems more hopeful than I am.

    God’s love and mercy may be infinite, but I have my doubts about His patience.

    • Dave

      Well, at some point, Divine Justice *BECOMES* an act of love and mercy. It seems to me that we must be approaching this point, but of course, I may be wrong. I’m certainly not privy to the mind of God.

      • Pavel Chichikov

        I think that’s right. All shall be well. But the Lord may have to pull us through a knothole first.

        Just reading about the Gulag in Anne Applebaum’s book of that title. There are debts of horror to be paid.