Toddler Chained by Syrian Rebels and Forced to Watch Parents Executed

These savages, the same ones who attacked us on 9/11 (since they are, many of them, Al-Quaida), are now mysteriously the people we are supporting in a conflict I cannot, for the life of me, see any need for us to be involved in.

If America was a person, her family would stage an intervention to try to get her to confront her self-destructive behavior and her incredibly bad choice of friends. Lindsay Lohan has more stability, common sense, self-control, and sobriety.

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  • Daniel Collins

    Dear God…

  • Joseph

    I saw my sons in that girl. My God, who are we?

    • kenofken

      The self-justifying thugocracy we’ve aspired to be since at least WW II.

  • oregon nurse

    I agree we should not be supporting the rebels since they are just the other side of the coin and will ‘grow up’ to turn on us and our ideals like we see happening in Egypt.

    But I for one, do not believe everything I see on the internet. This picture could have been staged by anyone with an agenda.

    • The Deuce

      I’d sure like it to be staged, but I doubt it. For one, this fits together pretty well with many of the rebels’ recent atrocities that have been verified and even videotaped and put on the net by them in order to brag. For another, torturing and murdering parents in front of their toddler children isn’t without precedent among Islamic terrorists in general, I’m afraid:

  • Psygn

    I’m sure they could justify it with their religious text.

  • ganganelli

    These are the rebels John McCain visited a couple of months ago to show his support. And just think most of you voted for that guy. Shudders….

    • chezami

      Wrong again. Did you vote for the guy who is now supplying them aid for their horrors? You know, the one in the White House. Or do you only fake your dudgeon for Republicans?

      • ganganelli

        I know you didn’t vote for McCain but you can’t possibly believe that most of your readership didn’t. Can you?

        • chezami

          McCain lost. It is *your* guy who has allied us with these butchering savages. Live in reality.

  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    Actually, there is nothing particularly bewildering about the administration’s policies. It is quite clear that, since Obama has been in power, America has supported one specific Arab/Muslim party, namely the Muslim Brotherhood. It has fostered their success in Egypt, in Libya, and now it is trying to do so in Syria – but, alas, it found the local Alewis, mountain men who never forgot that they had to fight to survive among a sea of enemy Sunnis, in its way. Realize that Obama is backing that specific party and everything else falls into place, including his bloodthirsty attack on factions that do not belong to the brotherhood, such as the Taliban, Al Qaida, and of course Iran and their friends. As for why it should be supporting this particular strand of barbarism, two possibilities: either Obama and his followers think that, just because the Brotherhood is a genuine broad-based political party, it can be made to work in a democracy; or else that Barack really is what the most extreme among us have been saying – a Muslim infiltrator.