Wow! When the Orthodox Make a Saint…

….they make a saintMeet 98 year old Dobri Dobrev, who is a character straight out of Dostoeyevsky:

98 year old dobri dobrev, a man who lost most of his hearing in the second world war, has traveled 25 kilometers every day for decades from his village in his homemade clothes and leather shoes to the city of sofia – a trip he made by foot until recently – where he spends the day begging for money.

though a well recognized fixture around several of the city’s chruches, known for his prostrations of thanks to all donors, it was only recently discovered that he has donated every penny he has collected — over 40,000 euros — towards the restoration of decaying bulgarian monasteries and churches and the utility bills of orphanages, living entirely off his monthly state pension of 80 euros and the kindness of others.

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  • Rebecca Duncan

    I saw his story on pinterest not long ago. Beautiful.

  • One of the holy fools – the best of Russians.

    • etme

      You’re right, but he is Bulgarian, Sofia being the capital of Bulgaria. It’s not the same. You Canadians…

  • Dr. Eric

    Hearing this story makes me realize how much closer I am to hell than heaven in my wants and desires. Hospody Pomyluj!

  • Mark R

    I think his name basically means Goody Goody, or Goody Goodson, or Good Goodson…fine names all. I once had shoes like his!

  • Guest

    Rejoice in God!