And While We Are Talking About Evangelism

Here is a story about Catholics passing on the Faith.

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  • John Schaefer

    I admire the author, and the brother for doing this. I get concerned when things like this are said though: “I quickly realized how terrible the state of Catechesis is in much of the Church. The root of it lies in the fact that it is no longer family
    based. Some years ago I volunteered at a parish where parents dropped
    the kids off and went to Starbucks until it was pickup time. The Church
    must say, “No more!” The family will go through Catechesis together;
    with the Church working to empower and support parents to pass on the
    faith in its fullness to their children.”

    Saying things like “a parish where parents dropped the kids off and went to Starbucks until it was pickup time” strikes me as judgmental. It packs in an assumption that the parents don’t care. BUT, they cared enough to bring the children. 80% of life is showing up. The author may not know what else those parents had going on that day. For better or worse, life is very complicated. This is especially in homes where both parents work, single parents, or even in mixed religious marriages.

    Taking steps to make Catechesis more inclusive of the parents is a good first step, with the understanding that sometimes its not realistic for the parents to be involved to the level the author thinks is appropriate.

    Demanding that parents have to be there is another step on the road to the shrinking of the church in this country.

    • I go to such a parish. Believe me- they’re not getting the faith at home with parents like this.

      My RE Director last year pretty much said “teach this book at home, the kids will get tested on Sundays in a fun game on the material they learn at home”. Best year of catechesis ever- with involved parents.