For some weird reason…

Germans are, like, *totally* hypersensitive to the rise of a Police Surveillance State and get all ticked and resentful when the Brits spy on them.

Who can fathom the mysterious mind of the German? What’s wrong with an all-seeing Police State if it can keep us all safe from enemies within and make the trains run on time? As we will celebrate tomorrow, the Founding Fathers treasured–above all–an all-intrusive State that watched you at all times and promised you complete security in exchange for your liberty.

Heute Amerika und Großbritannien! Morgen Deutschland und die Welt!

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  • Hermann o


    Germans have a little and mostly unnoticed time in their history when they tried out an opressive police surveillance state. Sadly this wonderful experiment was ended too soon by the then totally obsessed allies (obsessed with “freedom” 🙁 ) and we are now hoping for the Land of the FREE showing us the way back to the good old times!

    !!!!!SARCASM ALERT!!!!!


  • vox borealis

    Again, I remind you not to exaggerate the Germans’ fear of a police-surveillance state. I lived in Germany recently, and they seem most happy with an all-powerful states with all sorts of powers, including powers of surveillance, so long as the *right people* are in charge and the powers are used for the *right ends.” In my mind, the Germans have learned surprisingly little from their experience with a police state—or two experiences, if you happen to live in the former GDR.

    Remember, these are the people who have made homeschooling illegal and start to send their kids to kindergarten at age 3, because the State knows better how to raise your kids.

  • wlinden