Obama to Africa

“I get air conditioning.  You don’t.”

or, being translated, “Just enough of me, way too much of you.”

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Maybe he could lead the way by acting like the president of one of the most developed nations and use video conferencing instead of burning dinosaur bones to get to Africa. Then he could prevent further pollution by ceasing our overseas imperialism and its associated transport, requiring his administration to travel by train and bus rather than plane and SUV, and turning off the AC at the White House.

    No, poor people, until we fix or meliorate the problems which we helped cause and further, you need to stay poor. Really?

  • Carol Weinstock

    My son and I just spent some time in Kenya this year and I am pretty sure their concerns are not so much about global warming as the other basic problems sited. Our friends have a home with “clean” running water and flush toilets, as well as electricity, yet they regularly contract malaria, typhoid, the occasional bout of cholera and other preventable illnesses. The electricity goes out daily, but they just go about their lives until it comes back on. They still treat the water that comes out of the tap because they don’t trust that it is truly free of parasites and other contaminants.
    They are the most joyful, faithful Catholics I have ever spent time with. I love them and miss them terribly. They continue to teach the truth and strive to live their lives in a way that pleases God. I saw that Pres. Obama went to Senegal and pushed the homosexual agenda and was so proud to see that the new Deputy President of Kenya basically told him to stuff it. I hope they always stand strong for truth.