Our Insane Health Care System

likened to a posh nightclub. Mark Steyn can be pretty funny.

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  • Katie in FL

    It’s especially funny when you hear his voice as you read it. Love his view on things and his way with words.

  • Sharon

    When I first was given a computer by my children and I dared to dip my toe into the raging seas of the blogs I thought at first that the comments I read re health care in the blog comboxes were a joke. I read that someone on medication for a psychiatric illness had to only take her tablets every second day because she couldn’t afford all of them at once, I read of a pregnant girl who couldn’t afford to go to a doctor, I read in a book set in Eugene Oregon that a university student couldn’t afford to have a shoulder injury operated on and so she became a heavy consumer of Vicodene for pain medication. A man became redundant and he had to exhaust almost all of his savings to obtain medical treatment for him and his baby daughter. etc etc etc Australia has a taxpaying population of approximately 11 million people and in none of the cases above would any Australian be denied health care. I have posted this sort of thing before and I am howled down in the comboxes yet I still keep coming across stories like this. America is soooo rich – why can’t everyone have access to a basic need such as health care?

    • chezami

      Because we are crazy.