Pigs for Planned Parenthood!

Two-legged swine agree: “Bro-choice is the right choice because you know if you want to get laid — which is what college is about — you better go with the bro-choice.”

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  • kirbys1916

    Gee what a surprise…

  • Newp Ort

    Bro-choice bros are despicable swine, clearly, as you previously reported. But these man on the street vids are pointless as they can be edited to show only the worst idiots one could find.

    But I did enjoy the big splash picture of four teen girls in bikinis rubbing up on each other at the page you linked to. Thanks!

  • http://www.likelierthings.com/ Jon W

    Well, if that’s what they want to do and they can find willing partners, what’s the big deal?

    • silicasandra

      Do the children they conceive willingly cooperate in their own demise? It’s easy to think that sex only involves the two (or sometimes more, blech) people present, but the impact goes far beyond that. You don’t have to be religious to see that the act that ensures our species’ survival shouldn’t be treated like a casual hobby.

  • B.E. Ward

    I believe I will have succeeded as a parent if my kids find the ‘bro-choice’ attitude and associated inanity to be abhorrent.

  • Dbom

    I think this is a joke…

    But I could be wrong…