You stay KKKlassy! A strong finish after “Hail Satan!” Thanks for sellin’ your case for the the Normals! Who doesn’t feel the intellectual heft of an argument made with slogans, poop and pee bombs?

House Passes Bill Prohibiting Expert Scientific Advice to the EPA
Where We Stand as a Nation on the Eve of the Fourth of July
Behold the Rube Goldberg Passover Seder!!!
Headline of the Week
  • Clare Krishan

    the comment thread at your link not too classy either unfortunately [one randomly objectifies the conjugal act as an aesthetic pastime with 157 others taking the time to uptick-agree (not a good idea to association with jocks who’s first instinct is to refer to their own genitals in debates on pelvic issues, too graphic an association to merit contemplating any rational virtue to be found there). Where a reverent Catholic attitude to chastity in marriage as exclusive life transmitting union cannot be maintained better to remain silent, the meek shall inherit the earth. Jill Stanek’s in danger of the same with her tweet… its not ladylike to talk about the other end of people’s alimentary canals, even if you were a nurse before you became a political activist, pulleeze…

    • UAWildcatx2

      Ooo…word salad! I’ve never seen a stroke happen on the internets before.

      • Clare Krishan

        fast catch :-) snark accepted.

        [on hi-dose steroids for acute asthma, combative βλογορροια or incoherent talkativeness a side-effect... that's my feeble excuse for personal lack of meekness/silence].